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A prime location to support heavy industry

Frontier Group of Companies, a company specializing in brownfield reuse and redevelopment, is developing the Oklaunion Industrial Park, the site of the former AEP coal-fired power plant that was decommissioned in October 2020. Plans for the Industrial Park included first dismantling obsolete structures along with site clean-up, remediation and environmental monitoring as well as industrial repurposing and industrial materials recycling.

Strategically situated in Vernon, Texas, Oklaunion Industrial Park is 30 minutes southwest of Frederick. Park redevelopment plans include uses for manufacturing, commercial, warehousing, logistics operations and renewable energy.

Oklaunion Industrial Park will tap renewable energy sources with the installation of the Oklaunion Green Energy solar farm. This 119+ megawatt solar array is expected to generate 194 gigawatts of electricity annually while creating carbon offsets equals to 191,100 tons of CO2.

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Zoning / Uses

Manufacturing, Heavy & Light Industrial, Warehousing, large-scale staging

Transportation Modes

Truck, Rail, Intermodal


AEP / Utility-scale


Onsite private water reservoir

Location Proximity

Northern Texas / Southern Oklahoma



For more information about Oklaunion Industrial Park or Oklaunion Green Energy, please contact us, or complete and submit the online form.